LD Tex Mex

Apologies to the real Mex, this is a homely recreation of the American Tex Mex.

LD Egg(cellent) Salad

Add an egg to anything, and it tastes better. This is a quick-to-assemble eggcellent egg salad.

LD Pasta Verdant

Pasta needs PR. Couple it up with this green sauce and see this recipe reinstall pasta in the healthy foods category. Also the best way to get your child to eat the greens they usually avoid.

LD Bakla

The recipe, to mum, I appealed, used up a gourd for its peel. Simplicity, thats the deal, the real taste is in the peel.

LD Poached Egg

True benediction is when your child asks for eggs to be done a certain way and when the parent passes that test with flying colours. Poached eggs, was my test in boiling waters.

LD Hakka

Do not take any calls, photographs or check WhatsApp while cooking Chinese. Also, am glad that they haven’t banned noodles.

LD Ghee Roast Chicken

If the recipe is called Ghee Roast, there will be ghee. Lots of it. So do the ghee with glee. And remember, there is no ghee roast without byadgi chillies. I used both. Here’s the recipe and story.

LD Khao Suey

I prayed to the Burmese Bhagwans of food that it turn out well, lest my family and I would have to settle for peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. This is my LD Khao Suey recipe.