Chai Tea? Is that a Martial Art?

Seriously, who helped name that on the menu? Chai Tea! It is like naming your bolognese┬áNoodles Spaghetti. Now, you wouldn’t do that, would you? Then why have Chai Tea on your menu? Let me explain – tea in the Indian sub-continent, and a few neighbouring countries, is called Chai. Unless, a few restaurants in Dubai…

Biryani – man’s best recipe yet!

Biryani is truly a pictoral word. It magically conjures up soft, fluffy aromatic rice, wafting flavours of bay leaves, cardamom and saffron, while waiting to sink one’s teeth into some tender meat. Biryani is perhaps the most famous one-pot dish and is a living piece of history, as it were. India is a multi-chapter on this dish with various types of biryanis with different ways of making it.
This post explores the coming together of this dish from Persia to India and then on conquering the world. I collaborated on this with friend and chef Ankur.
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