Grilled Chicken – the whole hog!

This is part of the Lock-Down Recipes – meals I made using whatever was there in the kitchen. This is grilled chicken with mushy peas and creamy mash.

FFTG: Fresh From The Garden

Scene 1 Aunt closes the big oven door. In a few moments, her airy kitchen is filled with warm, aromatics of the casserole bubbling in there. “You know, I love such one pot meals,” said I. “Make them regularly at home. I just throw in some thinly sliced zucchini.” “Oh, you like zucchini?” she said….

Small Fry

I fail to understand the deep-seated connection between food and fries. In case you are a little baffled, prepare to be baffled even more. Eating out in the UAE is a foodie’s dream come true. So many cuisines to choose from. Such rainbow variety tickles the palette. Food is readily available everywhere, across all the Emirates…