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They called it Whiskey Chicken

Fresh from a victorious BBQ at a close friend’s house-warming party, I am feeling rather chuffed at how wonderful the BBQ marination has turned out to be. In hind-sight, that statement is rather far from modesty. But allow me that excitement since my experiment went off really well.

There were 2 of us responsible for all the marination and menu for the BBQ Grill Party. Need to add in that the other friend is a brilliant cook who can cook up a dream. The 2 of us were responsible for the palettes of 6.

Sharing the recipe of the nicely drunk chicken chunks in this mildly tempered marinade:

1/2 cup orange juice

1/2 cup soy sauce

3 cloves of garlic; finely chopped

2 large pegs of whiskey

Mix all of them together. I had 2 whole chicken that I de-boned and dunked in the 1 inch cubes in it overnight.

Skewer the pieces on well soaked wooden skewers or replace them with metal ones.

Put them on the grill for about 5-6 minutes; depending on how well you are stoking the heat.

Eat! Close your eyes! Eat some more! Repeat!

Tip: strain out the garlic pieces and reduce the marinade with a handsome dollop of honey and use as a glaze to serve with the meat.

I do not have a single photo since we were too busy stoking the fire, balancing the skewers and handling drinks! Cheers!

Hint Of Salt

I think I had my first cheesecake on my honeymoon. As far back as I can go in time, I think that was when I sunk my teeth into the softest cheesecake possible. Yes, it was then. I had just married my girlfriend and we were honeymoon-ing in Malaysia. This restaurant was on Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur that served award-winning cheesecakes. I do not remember the name and Google didn’t throw up anything that could ring a bell.

Pic courtesy: http://coombs.info/baking/2010/03/recipe/new-york-style-cheesecake-gluten-free/
Pic courtesy: http://coombs.info/baking/2010/03/recipe/new-york-style-cheesecake-gluten-free/

I didn’t care much for cheesecakes. My wife, however, was quite the enthusiast. As I manoeuvred my knife into the cloud-soft marble cheesecake, I was completely unprepared for the experience ┬áthat would erupt in my mouth. Soft, creamy, like a welcome wintry duck-feather quilt, rich, satin-smooth, like clouds, the even sweetness spreading like a sheet of rain, crumbly biscuit bed adding the crunch and then – no, it cannot be – a hint of salt!!!

My exterior was calm. I didn’t want my wife to think that I didn’t know they used a hint of salt in cheesecake. I felt like a late-bloomer. I was thinking of all the moments in life where I might have given that impression. As my tongue swirled like honey dripping from a honey-sceptre, I couldn’t get over the fact that there was salt in a sweet dish!

We ‘umm’-ed and coo-ed. Said good things about the cheesecake. The missus decided to ask for another one with a different flavour. I thought it opportune to mention the salt. And so, like somebody who knew cheesecake from history, I mentioned the salt.

Wife with incredulity, “You didn’t know?”

Me, sheepishly, “No, no, I did, just mentioning how beautifully it has been incorporated.” (I suck at lying!)

Wife just smiled.

I didn’t ask her why she smiled. I don’t want to. Keeps the magic in the marriage alive!