One Pot LD Spaghetti

An easy to make, super simple, one-pot-pasta that makes for a filling dinner. Wish I had some basil leaves. But with most ingredients in your larder / fridge, I am sure you will love this recipe.


There is nothing that a good tomato cannot do! Including make some scrumptious bruschetta!

Koreana – authentic Korean cuisine

I didn’t think much of Korean food since I was barely out of Hakkas and Pad Thais and the like. It took my globe trotter father-in-law to discover the heart-warming, tasty and oh-so-garlicky Korean food at Koreana.
Whet up your appetite for Korean here:

They called it Whiskey Chicken

Fresh from a victorious BBQ at a close friend’s house-warming party, I am feeling rather chuffed at how wonderful the BBQ marination has turned out to be. In hind-sight, that statement is rather far from modesty. But allow me that excitement since my experiment went off really well. There were 2 of us responsible for…

Pasta Disasta!

Pastas are a favourite at home, so much so that my almost 2 year-old loves to squish them! This recipe that I am about to share is a disaster averted, or maybe so I think. At the outset, I invite severe criticism and genteel suggestions from chefs, epicures and foodies alike. I picked up a…

Grilled Chicken w Cherry Tomatoes & Haloumi

This started out as an ambitious plan to rustle up dinner like I see Jamie Oliver do. Inspiration aside, it was the trepidation to get it absolutely right that got me completely involved in this dish that I (unimaginatively) call Grilled Chicken on a bed of Greens, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes with Grilled Haloumi. I am…