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Endless Iftars But Who’s Complaining

Confession of a food lover – one of the main reasons I look forward to Ramadan is the endless invitations to Iftars. Of all those, here is a an emotion-drenched tale of the 2 most-beautiful and delicious Iftars I have been to. My partner in crime was friend and editor Anamika. We have both come back home as stuffed as balloons in a birthday party.

The Oberoi's, Business Bay
The Oberoi’s, Business Bay

The season started off with a warm Iftar invite at Al Majlis at the plush Oberoi’s, Business Bay. Here you will be treated to food that is cooked well,  ethically and SLOWly ie sustainable, local, organic and wholesome. They source foods from local farms that grows everything organically and this is The Oberoi’s way of giving back to society.

Flavourful Lamb Ouzi
Flavourful Lamb Ouzi

I must admit, I was happy with the hommos and babaganoush and olives, till we trolled the buffet tables and came back with our plates stashed with some flavourful lamb ouzi, grills, koftas, dolma (rice wrapped in vine leaves) and other delectables that included sushi. I am a wasabi enthusiast and this one sure had a Mohammad Ali-kind-of-punch!

The dessert station will leave you wondering what you want on your plate; totally spoilt for choices. Do not miss the dessert station that makes the most delicious traditional sweets with a molecular twist.

In short, this luxury Iftar will make you want to come back daily just so you are able to savour all the goodies put out there to eat! Paradise!

BurpAndBelch meter: 5.0

#5WordFoodReview: Oberois Knows Their Food Period

Yalumba - vast seafood array
Yalumba – vast seafood array

The other place we swung to was Yalumba at Meridien Vilage, Garhoud, Dubai. Just when you are wondering what is it that they are doing different, you come face-to-face with the most amazing array of seafood – octopus, shrimps, lobster salad, smoked king fish, salmon and mussels. Right next to it you shall find a selection of cheese and accompaniments to go with it. There is a healthy and refreshing warm seafood soup that you wish to have in light winters with a soft blanket around your ankles! Sigh!

Main course included the traditional favourites – ouzi, koftas, kebabs with a sprinking of Indian dishes like butter chicken. I skipped the fried sections of kibbeh and fritters but piled on the mildly flavoured Moroccan chicken.

Unfortunately, we were so stuffed that we had to skip the dessert section of fruits and custards and creams and I cannot even begin to tell you how much that pains us!

BurpAndBelch meter: 5.0

#5WordFoodReview: Soup And Seafood Makes Happiness

Killer Broccoli at Grand Hyatt

There is something mysterious about the broccoli. The effect  begins with its spelling. It sounds like new villain in town! It could sound like a new Italian music composer! Some may build a connection with secret agent 007! But there is a connection that IZ, the authentic tandoori restaurant in Grand Hyatt, has established and an irrefutably delicious connection at that! And that is their signature dish – grilled broccoli!

IZ is perhaps Grand Hyatt, Garhoud, Dubai’s best kept secret. They serve the most delectable north Indian fare without the sensational fanfare that other restaurants deploy. I love the setting – partially inside, surrounded in dark woody hues and outside seating beside a roaring fountain. Why I say ‘best kept secret’ is because of its location. You could miss it, unless you can smell the ‘tandoori’ air just around it.

So, sitting down for a lunch meeting at IZ, was a very happy and special moment. Conversations alternated between food to business. The very pleasant PR Manager Leenu graciously hosted me and my colleague as we sat to discuss the imminent launch of IZ Brunch. And of all things included, she presented me with a plate of grilled broccoli.

Killer Broccoli at IZ, Grand Hyatt
Killer Broccoli at IZ, Grand Hyatt

I brandished my fork and knife and dumped 2 florets on my plate. I know broccoli. I know how they taste. I use them myself, regularly. I cut down a decent part of the floret and popped it in my mouth. And after that, my vocabulary got drastically changed. So did our conversation!

I havent tasted broccoli that sensational! Perfectly cooked. Tender yet crunchy. And from deep within, came a buttery taste that complimented the florets so beautifully. Broccoli overtook the table. Broccoli beat the chicken and salmon. Shamelessly, I pulled in the last floret on the plate, lest it gets taken away by the smiling and efficient IZ staff. I requested Leenu to call the chef over. Chef Aftab is a very humble man. I conveyed that if anybody can make broccoli taste this sensational, then that person must be a very capable chef! I have also managed to convince them to teach me how to grill broccoli to perfection and part with the recipe. And I will not be able to share it on this blog.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Order the grilled broccoli. You will learn to love your green veggies.
  • Order the grilled broccoli. You will revel in the taste.
  • Order the grilled broccoli. They are on the brunch menu. Yayy!
  • Order the grilled broccoli. They can only be beaten by their signature mushrooms.
  • Order the grilled broccoli. I strongly recommend  it.

PS: I am negotiating with Grand staff and Leenu to rename the broccoli as Killer Brocs! I am putting my weight to that!

Brunch at IZ the tandoori restaurant at Grand Hyatt launches early May 2014. Watch this space for more.