Bloomsbury’s Artisan Bakery – for your cup of joy!

Cup cakes? Croissants? Muffins? Or coffee, perhaps?
Whatever be your craving, the Bloomsbury’s Artisan Cafe whips up freshly baked goodies in their kitchen; not to forget the artistic and taste-bud-tingling cakes that can suit any occasion.
They certainly got a non-cupcake lover to fall in love with them. Read more here:

Bengali New Year at La Porte Des Indes

My mother is a Michelin-star chef; in my head. All these years, she made me and my father, food that was quintessentially Bengali and that tasted just as good, for years together. My friends from school and uni, colleagues, girlfriends, cousins, wider family have sworn by her kitchen. About 90% Bengalis would want to copy that first statement of…