Maharaja Bhog: eat like a king!

Indian food and hospitality is fabled. In olden days, a meal in a royal household was a grand affair. If you want to experience that without any gimmicks, the Maharaja Bhog is the place you need to go to. Caution: skip breakfast to go for lunch. You do want to eat everything they serve, at least twice!

Dining At 25 Degrees North

The swanky new 25 Degrees North, serving North Indian cuisine, is open for business in Business Bay, Dubai. Worth that burp? Read more and find out.

Add That Coffee

Dubai is the place for fashionable brunches. If you do not likeĀ ‘fashionable’, then read the first sentence again without the adjective. The idea remains that breakfast is an option that is as expansive as fast food chains here. There are breakfast options for all kinds of hunger. The kinds where you can walk-in in your…