Spooning: the art of it

Spooning, is an art; be it gastronomy or intimacy. Many seem to be ignoring this subtle but crucial art. My new post will tell you more about the gastro kinda spooning and its pitfalls.

Eid @ Delhi 6

Celebrating Eid in the bylanes of Old Delhi and eating a memorable Eid meal. All this despite the clothes-sticking-heat and humidity.

Smokin’ Johnny Rockets

How can Johnny shoot Rockets better? TheCalmDev critiques the burger and milkshake joint in his new post.

The Juicy Lucy Burger

This has got be a man’s doing. Naming a burger Juicy Lucy. I am yet to come across a menu where the woman chef has gotten back, full square. However, now I shall steer clear of any accusations of misogyny and focus on this burger that is a global favourite. The Juicy Lucy or Jucy…

Taming The Errant Egg

Most times a single egg doesn’t give you enough thickness. With this innovative kitchen aid, making patty-like eggs will be a dream.

What The Telly Won’t Tell

There are some things about food shows that the telly won’t tell, ever. Let’s peep into what goes into the food shows, of course behind the scenes.

Mum’s Raw Mango Salad

I had not known Bengalis to use mangoes in salad. To the east Indian residents, mangoes are usually used for sweetmeats and / or desserts. Salads are what cucumbers are bred for! And that notion was thwarted when my mom made together this wonderful raw mango salad. Mango salads are quite popular, ‘cross cultures. It…

Man vs Lobster @ Zheng He

I hate sharing my plate of food. What is on my plate, is for me to consume. But what happens when a friend tests me on that but with my stomach full? Find out in this blog post.

Carter’s – for English grub and King Tut

When you have a mall in Dubai, in the shape of a pyramid, with walls adorned with hieroglyphs, Ramasses II greeting you at the gate along with Anubis, then little wonder that there will be a pub called Carter’s. The Englishman who shot to unprecedented fame when he ‘stumbled’ upon the untouched tomb of boy-king…

NOSH It Up At Movenpick JLT

Restaurants doing seafood are aplenty in Dubai. But to have a restaurant that takes care of its guests like a sheep dog would do with its herd, Nosh clearly sets the standards apart. It was such a warm, friendly affair to nosh-up on seafood at Nosh, at Movenpick JLT. When you go there, you know what I mean.
Read more here: https://BurpAndBelch.com Nosh It Up At MovenpickJLT