One Pot LD Spaghetti

An easy to make, super simple, one-pot-pasta that makes for a filling dinner. Wish I had some basil leaves. But with most ingredients in your larder / fridge, I am sure you will love this recipe.

Homemade Lock-Down Ramen

What do you do when you want to have ramen, when your kitchen is not fully stocked to make ramen? Well, you innovate on-the-go. This is my special Homemade Ramen Lock-Down recipe, guaranteed to make for a wholesome and super-filling meal for the entire family.

Veg Lock-Down Stew

This recipe has got to be my tribute to all things Malayali that I was in touch with in Dubai – friends, colleagues, restaurants, servers, shawarma makers – and the wonderful food I was exposed to. Presenting the Veg Lock Down Stew Mallu Style.

Grilled Chicken – the whole hog!

This is part of the Lock-Down Recipes – meals I made using whatever was there in the kitchen. This is grilled chicken with mushy peas and creamy mash.

Re-Opening Up

Do people still blog? Do people still consume blog posts? Is it considered archaic, if one blogs? Is blogging retro, already? Well, those nagging questions could have some semblance of modern-day truth, going by the social media consumption. People are eating easy-on-the-finger apps. And then there is the shift to everything visual, because visuals get…

The Jon Snow of Shawarmas

For 7 seasons, the bastard son of Ned Stark went about his business with everybody telling him, “You know nothing, Jon Snow”. Imagine not knowing any better. My food-loving pals across the globe will not know of this, but many moons back, when I started my radio career, we came across this joint in New…

Spooning: the art of it

Spooning, is an art; be it gastronomy or intimacy. Many seem to be ignoring this subtle but crucial art. My new post will tell you more about the gastro kinda spooning and its pitfalls.

Eid @ Delhi 6

Celebrating Eid in the bylanes of Old Delhi and eating a memorable Eid meal. All this despite the clothes-sticking-heat and humidity.

Smokin’ Johnny Rockets

How can Johnny shoot Rockets better? TheCalmDev critiques the burger and milkshake joint in his new post.

The Juicy Lucy Burger

This has got be a man’s doing. Naming a burger Juicy Lucy. I am yet to come across a menu where the woman chef has gotten back, full square. However, now I shall steer clear of any accusations of misogyny and focus on this burger that is a global favourite. The Juicy Lucy or Jucy…