FFTG: Fresh From The Garden

Scene 1 Aunt closes the big oven door. In a few moments, her airy kitchen is filled with warm, aromatics of the casserole bubbling in there. “You know, I love such one pot meals,” said I. “Make them regularly at home. I just throw in some thinly sliced zucchini.” “Oh, you like zucchini?” she said….

Right Down To The Last Drop

I find it discriminating when people leave a bit of their drink in the glass. If you like a drink, slurp it down, right to the last drop. Do not fashionably leave it; there is hardly in any fashion in that, anyway.
Ever wondered what the last bit of drink feels when you leave it in the glass?
Read more here to empathise: https://burpandbelch.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/right-down-to-the-last-drop/

The Man Behind The Fame – Vikas Khanna

The piep-piper of culinary arts, Michelin-starred master chef Vikas Khanna is a name to reckon within India and outside. TV shows, cooking for VIPs, NYC and Dubai restaurants to boot, this witty boy from Amritsar, Punjab has a rags-to-riches story. I sat him down after launching his book World Feast and tried to fork-out the man behind the fame and name of Vikas Khanna.
Here’s him like you have not known before: https://burpandbelch.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/the-man-behind-the-fame-vikas-khanna/

Biryani – man’s best recipe yet!

Biryani is truly a pictoral word. It magically conjures up soft, fluffy aromatic rice, wafting flavours of bay leaves, cardamom and saffron, while waiting to sink one’s teeth into some tender meat. Biryani is perhaps the most famous one-pot dish and is a living piece of history, as it were. India is a multi-chapter on this dish with various types of biryanis with different ways of making it.
This post explores the coming together of this dish from Persia to India and then on conquering the world. I collaborated on this with friend and chef Ankur.
Read more on man’s best recipe yet: https://burpandbelch.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/biryani-mans-best-recipe-yet/

Master Class with the Master Chefs

It is a tough act to get me out of my personal space on a weekend. But when the subjects are ‘Kings of Kitchen’ and sources of inspiration, it is certainly worth the trouble. And so, on a weekend, 4 boys met up whose lives are ruled by the “F-word” – FOOD. My colleague and…

Chāt It Up!

You are not desi enough, if you do not have a soft corner for chaat! For all South Asian, chaat resonates the good life, sweet-savoury moments and unmatchable street food. This humble street snack has found its way to posh fine dine restaurants around the world, but the truth is that you still cant beat a chaat from your local street vendor.
So for most NRI’s in the UAE, this is a ready reckoner to find out the best chaat places in town. Besides of course indulging in some gastronomic seduction talking about it!
Read on more here.

Little Too Little

I never understood when cooks and chefs alike, have dipped their little fingers in some sauce to taste it and gone on describing the taste for the next 2 minutes! I feel that he last little fingertip does not pick up that much emulsion / gravy / batter to last the superlative train that TV…

Hint Of Salt

I think I had my first cheesecake on my honeymoon. As far back as I can go in time, I think that was when I sunk my teeth into the softest cheesecake possible. Yes, it was then. I had just married my girlfriend and we were honeymoon-ing in Malaysia. This restaurant was on Bukit Bintang…

Of Burps and Belches

A lot has been philosophised on burping and belching. Some have postulated on why it is better than their nether cousin. In fact, I noticed a cultural connection about this natural phenomenon in the movie Ben Hur when Ben-Hur had to burp to show courtesy to his host. In the far East, in China and…

Add That Coffee

Dubai is the place for fashionable brunches. If you do not like ‘fashionable’, then read the first sentence again without the adjective. The idea remains that breakfast is an option that is as expansive as fast food chains here. There are breakfast options for all kinds of hunger. The kinds where you can walk-in in your…