Calling All Denny-zens to Denny’s

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. You hear parents, teachers, spouses and dolled-up nutritionists on TV say it all the time. Well, I say, if breakfast is such an important meal, then I want to have it all day. Looks like Denny’s heard me. The second Dubai outlet opened recently on Al…

GoGyroz: Easy Way To Go Greek

Pheidippides running on the wrapping tissue with a gyro in hand. Is this what led him to the Marathon? Is this what Leonidas and his horde ate to get those hard 6-packs? If so, I am willing to go on a GoGyroz diet.  For the uninitiated, it will not take long to understand the food…

Omnia Baharat – for the love of burger

There are three things that can work for a restaurant. Location. Known chef. Food. In case of Omnia Baharat, all three work cohesively, like the food that is served there. Plonked in the prime of Mall of Emirates on Level 2, Omnia Baharat may wear a comparatively deserted look because of the overflowing restaurant branch…

The Sum Of Us

Math was never a favourite of mine. Let’s say, I didn’t have the appetite for crunching numbers. But when I saw this equation, I liked it instantly. The Sum Of Us. An urban, chic cafe that claims good stock, since it is the 2nd offering by the famed duo Tom and Serg, as they do…

Maharaja Bhog: eat like a king!

Indian food and hospitality is fabled. In olden days, a meal in a royal household was a grand affair. If you want to experience that without any gimmicks, the Maharaja Bhog is the place you need to go to. Caution: skip breakfast to go for lunch. You do want to eat everything they serve, at least twice!

What A Load Of CRAB!

US fav now anchors in Dubai. And it is all about seafood that is ferried to Dubai from the US. All hail the King crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack. Read more on my post called What A Load Of Crab!


There is nothing that a good tomato cannot do! Including make some scrumptious bruschetta!

World Food Day

On World Food Day, we must look at the amount of food that goes waste. We can never realise a world free of hunger, if we do not stop food wastage.