TheCalmDev believes there is nothing that good food cannot heal.
TheCalmDev a.k.a Dev J Haldar is a known food writer in the UAE. He explores anything that is appetising, pun fully intended. His food travails include recipes, both tried-and-tested and handed-down; food philosophies and history and restaurant review.

TheCalmDev contributes regularly to various online and traditional media.  Currently, he is crusading for the safe-keeping of genuine food writers against food bloggers who only review restaurants. 

Contact TheCalmDev for:

  • Food tasting
  • Menu settings and tastings
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Or just to chit chat about literature over a meal

Drop a line on thecalmdev@gmail.com or tweet to him @TheCalmDev

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I saw your review on Ban Khun Mae (the Thai place at MoE). I thought it had closed? It’s not in the same location unless I’m completely blind. Did you eat there recently?

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