LD Tex Mex

What the man wants, the man gets.

The man in question is my son. Although it may seem that I am shifting blame to my man-cub since I do indulge in him and his fancies, it really is the other way ’round. Honestly, I feel we should discuss parenting strategies later. For now, let me recount how we went popular Tex Mex since the child wanted it (OK, I think I should stop).

There is quite a bit to assemble for different elements; more so if you want your dinner to look like the table at Chillis (popular American-Mexican chain). So I shall quickly list them out and how I went about doing it.

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

1 pineapple.

It was an adventure cutting, peeling, coring, slicing a whole pineapple. By the time I was done chopping it, I felt as accomplished as a sweaty Masterchef contestant after a 90 minute pressure test. No! It did not take that long to cut it up. Anyways, place the medallions of pineapples on a hot ridged skillet. I added a bit of olive oil to them.

For the seasoning, I added, salt and a dash of paprika. Throw in some chopped coriander. Squeeze of lemon. And we are done!

Bell Pepper Stir Fry

1 red, julienned

1 green, the same as above

1 yellow; see red and green

1 medium onion, thinly sliced

All the boys get into a hot, cozy pan like a sauna in business. Let them sweat in there a bit. Add in some salt and pepper and let them sizzle some more. And when you feel empathetic (or sorry, as the case may be), take them off the heat and let them cool off. They will form the main filling for the quesadillas.


You say this “S” word and imagine red blooded Hispanic women. I was moving on with Salma Hayek imageries. But then I realised that I didn’t have any avocado on me. Sorry, Salma. Meanwhile, I cut up whatever I could “salsa-fy”.

1 cucumber; peeled, cored, and diced

1 tomato; diced


Season them with salt. Add a bit of lemon. Throw over some chopped coriander. Instead of mixing it all up, I decided, it would be fun to do that at the table. So, I quietly plated them in a bowl, added fresh lemon cheeks and a bowl of sour cream. I learned how to make sour cream from YouTube but this was from a tub that I got from a fancy supermarket that stocks exotic perishables.

No, did I never mention guacamole? I mean, is a Tex Mex meal even possible without guac? Well, the nearest avocado was about 14 kms from home. And so, this meal is avo-NO-cado, thank you very much.

Corn on the Cob

With most elements out of the way, it was time for the corn to perform. Rubbed in some butter as I plonked them into a hot skillet. Keep a watch as you turn them after they char to your satisfaction. Once off the heat, season them with a little salt and lime.


I shall stop degrading myself but I did cut open a plastic and got the tortillas out. It felt very easy. Also, this is not a pressure test. Also, I do not want to spend the whole evening in the kitchen, something that I landed up doing anyways. These packed tortillas were soft and smelled good. All they needed was a hot embrace of my teflon pan. And they did. They toastied up real nice.


No meal with my family is ever complete without one portion of quesadillas. And so, I let one last tortilla get some extra heat on the pan, while I loaded it up with some hand pulled chicken salami, some bell pepper stir fried, and a generous hand of cheese. Cover it up with another tortilla. Flip it once, carefully. And when you see the cheese melting away, take it off the pan and cut them into whatever geometrical shape you’d like.

Plate up like a pro. Announce dinner loudly like El Macho! Watch family fawn and appreciate. And also, no kitchen duties for 2 days! Now that’s what I call Tex Mex!

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