LD Poached Egg

What is true benediction? Making a perfect poached egg with “lava” yolk? No. True benediction is when your child asks for eggs to be done a certain way and when the parent passes that test with flying colours. Poached eggs, was my test in boiling waters.

I had done some reading about poaching eggs. Should the eggs be absolutely fresh (in that case I would have to be really intimate with a hen, and I wasnt particularly in favour of that)? Or can one use boxed eggs that sit on the shelves of your local grocer’s? Should the water be a perfect 60 degrees (I don’t like cooking in chemistry laboratory)? Should there be vinegar in the water? Or just plain salt? So, the paths are many, and the goal, one! With that timeless message in my heart, I set out on my quest for poached eggs.

I took the biggest pot I could find and set it to boil. Add a bit of salt (it’s more of a habit now). Meanwhile, I cracked the eggs and kept them in small bowls (or ramekins if you have). The thing with old-ish eggs is that there will be a watery substance on top of the cracked egg, and that can be easily slid off in the sink.

Once the water started boiling, I switched the gas off and waited for about a minute before I swirled up the water in whirlpool. Then took the first bowl and dropped off the egg in the same motion. Immediately, the albumin shredded off like the tattered cape of a prehistoric superhero while, the yolk started coagulating. Some success, at least. Gave it about 30-40 seconds before fishing it out and swirling in the second one, by which time the water in my pot looked like the pool after sharks ate their breakfast.

Once the eggs were out, I trimmed them a little. And now plated them – nicely buttered warm toast, a big mortadella of turkey and on top sat the poached egg. Salt and pepper scrunched on it and then it was presented to my boss. What happened next? How did I fare? Was I sent off to the egg dungeons? Find out in this video. 

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