Desi Goreng LD Version

The punning on the name could be entertaining or off-putting for purists. But then, even purists’ larders aren’t always stocked and I bet they would do the same. This is a spin-off on a very dear favourite of mine – the Nasi Goreng. I remember stuffing my face with NG wherever I could while honeymooning in Malaysia. The love continued for years and still does.

A good Nasi Goreng is like a concert in my mouth. Soft and mellow, and then sharp and crunchy. And here, I dare to set out to try the same.

First up, a quick word of gratitude to Chef Ranveer Brar for sharing this quick recipe. Since I first met him in Dubai, I always felt that RB keeps it very real and does a fine job making his food anecdotal. I have only ventured to rename it, my style.

Second, there is no chicken in this. I didn’t have any, so there isn’t going to be any in the rice, or as satays.

Chop up a cup of French beans, carrots, and green bell pepper. Finely chop up some chillies (green and red). Pardon the puns in the picture, it was all for some Instagram fun. Chop up about an inch and a half of ginger. That is all the chopping you need to do for this one. Keep other condiments handy: soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar. And now it is time for some high heat and quick action.

Wok up on high heat. Add in the oil. Not fussed what you put save mustard and olive. When hot, chuck in the ginger, and keep a quick hand at stirring. Add in the veggies – carrots, beans and peppers. Keep stirring them. The high heat will cook them real fast and also keep them crunchy. Add in the rice. If the rice is a day old, then better. Keep that arm working with the ladle.

Go ahead, make some noise in the kitchen, let the family think you are fighting with a ladle and wok! Will make the fried rice that much more worth it.

Now, pour in a healthy glug of soy sauce, and splash in the white vinegar. Mix, mix, mix. Add in lots of pepper (don’t be a racist; doesn’t matter what you have). And then chuck in the salt. Remember the soy sauce already has quite a bit of sauce, so work out the math accordingly. Mix, mix, mix. You rice is done. Remove from heat and plate it immediately. Now on a smaller pan, fry up eggs, sunny-side-up. Plonk one happy egg on each bowl and now you’re ready for lunch.

Enjoy, my Desi Goreng LD version! And don’t forget that beer with it.

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