One Pot LD Spaghetti

Going ahead with the ‘spirit’ of the umpteenth lockdown, here is a super quick(ie) pasta dish that may not cut its teeth with the Italians, but at least it tries to appease. And it is one super-filling recipe.

Chop of lots of tomatoes. Thankfully, I had my 8-year-old sous chef helping me. Then peel and thinly slice about 5-6 cloves of garlic. I love garlic in my food, so no crimping on in this one. Then thinly slice up a medium red onion. This is the part that might get one banished from Italy, but what-the-hell, they’ll come around. I had no basil leaves on me, so went with basil flakes. In case you grow your own basil, roughly tear up about 7-8 leaves. Right, so prep is basically done.

Take a sauce pan and place a packet of good spaghetti in the middle. The word ‘good’ has been deliberately thrown in here, since there are a lot of sub-standard spaghetti masquerading as good-spaghetti. Go with a trusted brand. Anyways, place tomatoes on two diagonal sides; do the same with the onions and garlic. Chuck in the basil leaves. I dusted in some flakes, a generous pinch of salt, pepper, a handsome glug of olive oil and put the pan on heat. then, add in hot water in the saucepan enough to submerge most of the ingredients. And, we’re done! I mean, you have to cover the pot, stir the ingredients every 2-3 minutes and check for the spaghetti to be done. Also, this is where I figured, I shouldn’t have used the entire packet of spaghetti and it was too late to add in more tomatoes, garlic and onions. Note to self.

Right! When the pot is done, plate up your spaghetti that is smelling delicious right now with the soft onions, tomatoes, garlic and basil. Grate some cheese on top. I would have liked some hard cheese, but didn’t have any. Whatever I have is whatever I shall use. A touch of olive oil, a little dust of basil flakes and… dinner is served.

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