Homemade Lock-Down Ramen

Ramen Ramen

With fresher lock-down dates announced, I continue with my lock-down recipes. Well, purists might utter “Hey Ram-en” with this particular recipe but then, now isn’t the time to be authentic but resourceful. So, ramen for brunch it was.

Prep the Condiments

I love ‘assembly’ dishes. What is exciting is the prep for the ramen-assembly. Eggs on boil. Peanuts dry-roasting in a small pan. Crush them up. I added a hint of salt and pepper for kicks. Chop up some fresh spring onions. I had cucumbers and wanted to experiment pickling them. So I cut them up in thin slices and soaked them in vinegar for sometime.

Noodles / Ramen
For the ramen, use vegetable stock (or chicken, if you please) and bring to a boil. Drop in the noodles and give them a swirl. Take a taste-test for a noodle. If cooked, then take the saucepan off the heat and start plating. If your broth is pre-spiced, then you do not have much work to do. If not, add in some basic seasoning, and maybe a bay leaf for that lovely sublime aroma.

Ramen-ously Hungry!

This is where the assembly comes in. Ladle up the soupy noodles (in my case, the broth got almost sucked in) in a soup bowl or whatever you like to eat in for comfort. Place a scoop of green onions on one side. Dry toasted and crushed peanuts next to it. Halve the eggs (nobody at home is a real fan of soft eggs excluding me, so I went with the normal 6-minute hard-boiled) and place them on the noodles by the other side. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, if you please. My fancy, pickled cucumbers came in last, next to the eggs.

And then it was time for family to fawn over this gorgeously simple looking dish. Brownie points for Daddy Home Chef!

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