Re-Opening Up

Do people still blog? Do people still consume blog posts?

Is it considered archaic, if one blogs?

Is blogging retro, already?

Well, those nagging questions could have some semblance of modern-day truth, going by the social media consumption. People are eating easy-on-the-finger apps. And then there is the shift to everything visual, because visuals get more hits and likes and what-have-yous. I guess, I fell quite dismally in the same trend trap. There was a time when it was easy for me to drop my emotions and suggestions on Zomato. I wasn’t blogging. It was easy to live off Instagram because a picture is worth a thousand words, and IGTV because a video is probably worth more words. I wasn’t blogging.

But then, I have always been a retro guy. I could try a new hairstyle, but I would never get rid of my long sideburns. And so then, I return to my blog, like one returns to their reliable, loved but dusty, old car. I still like to read and write. And blogs help me to do that. More so, if it is about food. And this global lockdown to COVID-19 forced a lot of people to cook, and I was one of them. After a long time, I am writing on my blog. And I feel just as good as a bar of nutty dark chocolate bar.

Welcome back to BurpAndBelch.

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  1. Ishita says:

    Hello – Fabulous and can’t wait to read! Great minds think alike. I have also re-opened my blog as a classical bloggist – how it all started like the old-fashioned ‘para prem’. I have unsubscribed from my other email. Is there any way I can subscribe with this new email id

    1. So good hearing from you Ishita! And I absolutely dig the “para-prem” bit – it is cult! Look forward to reading more of your escapades.
      If you are getting updates, then I guess, you’re good-to-go. Otherwise try accessing my blog from your new account and hit the subscribe button.
      Hope that works.

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