Careless Food, Callous Attitude at Mainland China

Is it enough for restaurants to send you free food when there is a big goof-up in their order? Does that make sure that no unpalatable food will be served or greater care will be taken so alien objects do not appear on your plate? Is it good enough for restaurants to ‘act’ generous by not charging for the erred dish? I don’t think so.

I ordered for dinner from one of the local diners serving Chinese food. The restaurant recently changed from Chin-Chin to Mainland China Restaurant. They make some decent Indian flavoured Chinese with branches in Dubai Marina and Discovery Gardens. Every time I ordered soup, I overlooked the thin emulsion called sweet corn soup. Neither did I questioned the normal corn kernels instead of sweet corn. Overall, the food is decent and one doesn’t really care to complain when you are back from work, knackered.

Today, was an extra-ordinary day. The steamed chicken dumpling that came was hard with the flour coating sticking to the chicken filling. Upon dissection, I could see the thin, white lining of flour that was not cooked completely. Clearly, the dumplings were not fresh. They were prepared and kept in cold storage and quickly steamed and sent to us. When I confronted the manager, he changed his indignant tone and agreed to my exact belief. He admitted that they make and store the dumplings. I was ready to award them black points for doing that! Then, what am I paying for? For getting cold, clotted, thick dumplings that tasted like glue?

And if that was not enough, a staple pin from my wife’s plate of chilly chicken, did it! The manager tried to hurry the call up and informed me that my entire order will be re-sent.

Is that all? Replaced? If my wife had choked on that staple pin, I would have made the entire restaurant eat staplers for food!

I sensed no sense of remorse or fear. Careless, callous restaurant kitchens with over-priced dishes, serving cold-storage food!!! Outrageous!

The re-order food came by quickly. I dug into a dumpling with my chopstick. Just so that I feel that they were fresh dumplings, they were overly steamed. The chicken stuffing was hardened and the flour coating was still hard in places.

Take this advice, real good, restaurateurs – be honest to what you are doing and if possible, give a little more credit to your customers. Specially those that know their food.

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