Taste of Music, Sound of Food

I am not really in favour of restaurants with live music.

I have my reasons for not liking the mix of hot food and live music. First and perhaps, the foremost, I feel that music is being degraded by presenting it to a bunch of people who are more interested in what is on their plates than on the singer’s lips. There is an automatic curtain that we draw in our heads trying to separate the live performers and food. Music, when presented live, requires some amount of attention. Respect for the craft and the craftsman completely flies out of the window when one walks into a ‘restaurant with live music’. I start detesting the idea when fine dining restaurants have live performers. How am I supposed to concentrate on the food, then?

Second, if I need to have entertainment in front of my eyes while I eat, I usually switch on the TV. At least I can change channels as opposed to stuck with singers who I might not fancy.

I do not see the point of having singers who put on a show as if they were applying for American Idol. Singing while people eat will not guarantee music loving audiences.

It is a conversation killer. How am I supposed to talk to my co-chair when some Johnny or Jenny is trying to wrench all their emotions in a song that is blaring across the restaurant? Excuse me, I want to talk. I want to discuss the food. I want to share how my day went. I want to know what is happening in my friend’s life. I do not want to practise sign language with a knife and fork in hand and look like a complete retard. Pardon my French.

Besides, the quality of music (or sometimes dance) is not good, most times. It takes away from the taste of my plate when the music that is dished out is below standard.  Like Instagram has made photographers out of everybody, karaoke has made everybody singers. I recently walked into a karaoke restaurant, not knowing that it was a karaoke night, and I cursed my decision all throughout the evening. As if the restaurant singers were not enough, there were other customers, who decided to sing a love-lorn sing in between starters and main course. You have no idea, what I went through that night.

Does one not find it weird when strange pairs of eyes keep looking at you and your dinner ridden plate for compliments or clappings? Does one not find it weird to eat with somebody looking at you? I do. Neither do I like the idea of customers staring brazenly at the singer (God bless, if you are a woman)!

All in all, I find the idea, rather futile and infertile. If music be the food, then play some music softly, like most restaurants do. Let there be good conversations and mirth, let people enjoy the food, savour it with their eyes and taste buds. Let the multitudes in the food and beverage industry learn to respect food and music separately. One can be the other’s inspiration but both hold different positions. Let us not take it away from them.

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